Dauntless discusses Hunting Grounds playtests and migrating character progress with Reforged update


Dauntless has taken to calling its upcoming update Reforged, as it will change the way characters progress and replace Patrols and Pursuits with the more open-ended Hunting Grounds hunt type. In order to get ahead of discussions within the game’s community, the devs have made a pair of sizeable posts to Reddit in order to elaborate on a few things.

First, we have a State of Dauntless post, which explains how the new Experimental test server has helped Phoenix Labs collect player feedback and improve Hunting Grounds, mostly by taking in feedback posts, analyzing telemetry, and watching Discord livestreams from players to absorb reactions. On the subject of data, the devs are finding that players are enjoying the mode more with each successive test build; little touches like roaming fauna and gliders have caught their attention too.

“When players have a visceral reaction to gliding around islands and are clearly enjoying the experience, it really gives us confidence that we are on the right track. When players are bored or confused, it’s a clear sign that we have some work to do in those areas.”

In the second post, the devs explained how Reforged’s new progression systems will be carried over for those who are already at extremely high levels in terms of gear and Slayer progress. In summary, players will be granted the necessary materials they need to bring their existing gear to current power levels, while those who have made inroads in the existing Mastery system will see themselves at a similar point in the new Slayer’s Path progression. And on the subject of Slayer’s Path, unlocking nodes will cost Rams, though costs as well as Ram rewards for quest and hunt completion are still being dialed in.

More details on these systems are expected in future posts, while a second State of Dauntless posting is also due soon to further discuss progression and solo queues. For now, there’s plenty to read up on.

source: Reddit (1, 2)

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John Mclain

This overhaul of the game may well end up making the game amazing, or completely killing the game. The new way of hunting is a huge improvement as you no longer have to spend 1/2 your gameplay time waiting for the actual hunts to start. On the downside, this may well outright kill the game as they are removing the entire old system of hunting people have been used to for years, AND more importantly are trying to remove the ability to play the game solo, and instead forcing you to play with random players at all times now. Unless they fix the latter issues, the game will effectively die off shortly after these changes.