EVE Online releases supercarrier updates, dynamic bounties, and the revamped ESS


Over the past few weeks, EVE Online has been outlining a number of changes that were due to the game like bigger and better supercarriers, changes to the Encounter Surveillance System (ESS), and the introduction of a dynamic bounty system. Now, all of that has officially landed with today’s release.

In addition to these adjustments, players can look forward to visiting the newly refurbished Jita trade hub as well as take part in a number of celebrations including daily login rewards and parades in highsec space. Naturally, there are a number of other adjustments introduced with this update, all of which have been expanded upon in the patch notes.

In other EVE-adjacent news, part-time flight instructor and former US Navy submariner Thomas Shugart has written a pretty extensive Twitter thread about how capsuleers organize, onboard, and deploy in the game in very militaristic manners and just what people in the Department of Defense could learn from such behaviors. It’s a long read, but incredibly insightful, particularly for those outside looking in.

sources: press release, official site, Twitter

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