Final Fantasy XI: November version update, another Mog Bonanza, and new collector toys

Work on a team.

How good are you at guessing numbers? Final Fantasy XI is starting a new Nomad Mog Bonanza on November 11th in which players have to guess at the right three-digit combination to win fantastic prizes. That’s fewer digits than the usual Mog Bonanza, but players can only get one marble with inscribed numbers, so you’ve still got a small chance of winning one of the top prizes. Still, if you have 200,000 gil to burn, why not take a chance at prizes you otherwise couldn’t buy?

Fans of the game can also purchase a new thing in the real world with the reveal of the first two Bring Arts figures for FFXI (Bring Arts being the collection of collector-oriented toys that Square-Enix produces for its games). The game’s iconic chocobo look is the first option for purchase, but players can spend a little more to get a chocobo and the rhyming black mage Shanttoto as well. They’re collector’s items, so expect to pay a fair amount for them, but they’re worthy additions to your desktop if you’d like to show off your fondness for the title.

Finally, the game’s November version update is live as of this afternoon:


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