Open beta begins for pixel art adventure MMO Naïca Online


Let’s face it: The only way that Naïca could get any more cute is if it engaged in some sort of unholy ceremony to drain the life force from puppies. And the only way we can get more engaged with this adorable 2-D MMO is if we end up, you know, actually playing it.

Fortunately, we can do just that (the “playing it” part, not the puppy sacrifice). The pixel art MMORPG went into open beta today, and according to its Twitter account, its servers are burning hot. Naïca offers cross-platform play between PC and mobile devices, with five races, three skills, and a lot of the usual MMO trappings.

Yet the team said that there’s a whole lot more to come: “Naïca is starting its open beta phase, which means the development towards the final version of the game is not over yet (the max level is currently 25)! There may be some things that will change along the months, others may be added, [and] you may encounter some issues.”


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Dorian Patterson

Let me just say that this is not what I expect of “open beta” quality. It’s rough.

Dug From The Earth

Was any of that actual gameplay?

Evasive Dice

No. I don’t think any gameplay was shown. I tried to skip past the cinematics and all I seen was more cinematics. If there was gameplay then it was super brief. This article seems promotional for the game. Usually a red flag when a game is only showing 95% cinematics.


There is gameplay videos on their Youtube account. Just click one of those videos above, go on their channel, click videos and roll down.

Lee Bailey

After trying the absolute cookie cutter garbage that is A3: whatever that came out today as well, I’m actually really pleasantly surprised by this one. It’s a standard mmo without any autopathing. Worth a try if you’re looking for something that isn’t just “Insert cash – get smithing +36 safe forge bonuses”


Beta gameplay from live feed by the devs: