Star Wars: The Old Republic gets set to reveal its Mandalorian flashpoint


Mandalorians aren’t just about Baby Yodas and obsessive armor polishing; sometimes these elite warriors like to throw open their doors and host a wild shindig. Of course, any Mandalorian party always includes poisonous hors d’oeuvres and deadly duels around the firepit in the back yard.

This is all to say that Star Wars: The Old Republic is preparing to unveil the next big patch for the game — a patch which will unlock a Mandalorian dungeon with some juicy narrative for story junkies.

“Conflict erupts among the Mandalorians with a new story Flashpoint launching with our next Game Update 6.2: Echoes of Vengeance,” BioWare said. “You’ll learn more about this Flashpoint during our livestream on November 13th at 4:30PM.”

Source: Twitter

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Malcolm Swoboda

I was under belief that some chunky new main story was coming this year, but is this it? Or is the flashpoint just included because The Mandalorian?


Will it award a ‘Baby Yoda’ pet in a floating bassinet? ;)