The Daily Grind: What ‘lost’ content from your favorite MMO do you wish would be restored?


A while back, YouTuber Wooden Potatoes did a video invoking the Guild Wars 2 graveyard” of lost profession skills. I… love stuff like this, and the Guild Wars franchise in particular is full of ’em because of just how much Utopia content managed to make it topside before it was scuttled in favor of Eye of the North. Something about the “what could’ve been” really appeals to me.

For example, in my home MMO of Star Wars Galaxies, there have long been stories about the separate industrialist and farm-type professions that didn’t make the cut for launch. Some of the products of those skills did make it into the game, but I would’ve loved to see them more fully developed. And plenty of other MMOs have stories about whole classes and continents that were cut, some to be added in for expansions, others to be lost entirely. And that’s without even mentioning content that did make it into an MMO but was then cut later during streamlining or (RIP, Ultima Online’s original Ocllo aka New Haven).

What “lost” content from your favorite MMO do you wish would be restored?

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James Hicks

All of Vanguard…

Turing fail
Turing fail

Walking in stations for EVE Online. Though the captain’s quarters feature was very limited and didn’t allow for player interaction, it still lent a modicum of human presence to what is otherwise a sterile game environment.

Normally- at least for me- even ships’ decorative skins aren’t visible as demonstrations of personality since optimal tactical display zooms out to the point others’ ships are just symbols. The lack of more human components to EVE makes the game less engaging to me than it might otherwise be.

Roger Edwards

Out of the original seventy-nine episodes of Star Trek, one of the most respected and beloved is The City of the Edge of Forever. Written by Harlan Ellison the story is one of the more thoughtful and tragic in Trek Canon. It was also the first episode to feature a temporal plotline. Doctor Leonard McCoy (DeForest Kelley) accidently receives an overdose of medication and flees the Enterprise while in a delusional state. Beaming down to an alien planet he uses a temporal gateway (The Guardian of Forever) to travels back in time to earth during the Great Depression. By doing so he accidentally changes history. Captain Kirk (William Shatner) and Spock (Leonard Nimoy) follow him through the gateway to New York in hope of correcting the timeline. While awaiting the arrival of McCoy, Kirk falls in love with Edith Keeler (Joan Collins) who runs the 21st Street Mission. However he and Spock soon determine that to restore the timeline they must allow her to die.

One of the most enjoyable elements of the MMORPG Star Trek Online, are the various game missions that reference plot lines and characters from all of the Star Trek franchises. One such mission is City on the Edge of Never which involves the player character travelling to the Gateway system and using the Guardian of Forever to travel through time to 2270 to stop Klingons intent on altering history. The episode has the Guardian projecting a time portal into space, allowing the player to take their vessel through to the past. It also features voice acting by Nimoy which adds further to the sense of nostalgia. City on the Edge of Never is a part of the Klingon War story arc and is certainly one of the more engaging missions. Due to its iconic nature it was well received by reviewers upon the release of STO back in 2010. Kotaku writer Mike Fahey said “This mission might have just made the entire game for me. Everything about it was simply perfect. If Star Trek Online fails for some reason, this mission will always be remembered”.

Sadly this mission, along with several others has been “temporarily removed” from the game as part of an ongoing content revamp. Cryptic mentioned in a previous Priory One podcast interview that the missions were supposed to get revamped before the end of 2018, but the developer who was undertaking the task is on leave. However, it was still their intention to see the content restored to the game. At present the absence of these missions, especially City on the Edge of Never, does have an impact upon the overall story arc of the Klingon War. The storyline is somewhat briefer and lacking in its original impact. For fans who feel that TOS era specific content is a little thin on the ground in STO, the swift return of these missions couldn’t come sooner. It would also be interesting if Cryptic could expand further upon use of the Guardian of Forever. Some additional scientific research missions under the Vulcan Science Council would be a welcome addition to the game and a pleasant addition to the non-combat related content.

Bruno Brito

EQ2 class progression: Character -> Class -> Subclass -> Specialization.

So, basically: You’re a citizen, then a Soldier. Then a Crusader. Finally, a Shadowknight.

2Ton Gamer

I’ll give a LOTRO example because it’s the only thing I can think of, but Champs I think were supposed to get a AOE knockback that could have been interesting. You can see this play out when doing the the Mines of Moria session play and is fun to knock enemies back off the bridge in khazad dum..

Danny Smith

When FFXIV basically replaced all of 1.0 with remade zones, quests and storys -but everything in 1.0 was still canon for the most part and you need to watch a 2 hour youtube video to get it all now- theres still some moments in A Realm Reborn where things like who Hildebrand is and why hes buried in a grave the first time you meet him, or why Mor Dhona is a wasteland of crystal with a giant rusting ariship wrapped in midgardsormrs corpse in the middle of the lake and so on that could have used some of the quest being salvaged rather than simply removed and a character giving you three text windows to explain.

Like case in point the dragon around the lake has in recent years been intimidated to be there because thats where the literal end of reality started 10,000 years ago. It was stopped, obviously, but the last big mystery is what was it and why does it seem to be starting again.

Go back to 1.0 and they specifically talk about some form of “entity” below silvertear lake. Its been 7 years since ARR for me but i’m pretty sure a lot of that stuff has been reduced to a soft maybe until the recent expansions brought the idea of “the rumbling below the earth” as the source of The Terminus and it feels odd that removed quests are where that story hook begins.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

The Throne of Idris dungeon in Ebon Downs in Neverwinter. Without it the zone storyline doesn’t so much end as just stop. It’s strange to go through the entire zone in the shadow of that huge and ominous castle only to never actually go inside.

Malcolm Swoboda

RIFT: Soul Quests. TSW: its.. whole feel… WoW: a mildly streamlined Classic content (and can even have updated graphics) as one of the new leveling paths.

Sarah Cushaway

Housing, crafting that means something, and collection stuff, epic questlines that were optional, lots of lore… EQ2 had it all in its golden era, but boy that game is so neglected NOW that it’s almost unplayable.

Oleg Chebeneev

Not sure it qualifies as content, but Id love to see WoW become more social and community oriented like it was in vanilla. Through modern means, not archaic vanilla mechanics