World of Warcraft kicks off the Shadowlands expansion event following maintenance today

oh no skellingtons

We hope you haven’t gotten your fill of spooky scary skeletons from World of Warcraft just yet, because the Shadowlands pre-expansion event kicks off today following the game’s regularly scheduled maintenance. And while the expansion itself will send you into the realm of the dead, you’ll be dealing with the undead across Icecrown in Northrend during the next two weeks, collecting tokens to purchase gear, a new toy, and a new battle pet for your collection.

The main event quest line is split into two parts, with the first part kicking off this week and the second part kicking off next week. You can also become a zombie and infect others with the zombie virus in the capital cities as well as taking on daily quests. Check out the full guide to the event to get ready for everything the expansion’s pre-launch event brings with it, and possibly check out Wowhead’s build planner to see how the expansion’s borrowed power system will contribute to your overall build.

“For the next two weeks, you can heed the call to fight back against the fallen and protect Azeroth’s inhabitants. The call to arms quest “An Urgent Request” will be offered to level 48 players and begin a storyline in your faction’s capital city where several notable faction heroes will share their reports of the ramifications of Sylvanas’ actions.

“The opening week of the Shadowlands pre-launch event, Death Rising, will see you gather intel in areas surrounding Stormwind and Orgrimmar which are now overrun with the Scourge and report to the Argent Crusade in Icecrown. Together, you’ll face the growing resurgence of the sinister Cult of the Damned and cut down Scourge. Once you complete “Advancing the Effort,” you’ll unlock Daily Quests in Icecrown. Should you continue to aid in these heroic efforts, you’ll earn new rewards including Argent Commendations which you can use to purchase time-limited items only offered during the event, such as gear and pets.

“Starting the second week and leading into Shadowlands, you’ll be visited by a dark figure of mysterious origins whose presence agitates the Scourge. Working together, you’ll help the Argent Crusade take down this harbinger from the realms of Death who threatens life on Azeroth. Completing ‘Only Shadows Remain’ will give you access to even more Daily Quests, increasing your earning potential for rewards before Death Rising ends.”

Source: Blizzard, Wowhead (1, 2)

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So far, so great! The little quest chain and fight with N.B. at the end is great fun. And the cut scene following that fight – WOW! Choked me up big time, and I’m sure it will hit hard for other Alliance loyalists too. The Northrend part is great fun too, although my only qualm is that on a reasonably well-equipped 50, the Argent gear is not all that great. I’m not a raider or a hardcore gear maniac, but I did do everything I could in BFA, and as a Warrior, the minus stats for STR and STAM on that Argent armour are quite displeasing. Especially as they seem to favour Mastery and Versatility again, which through most of my last 20 pre-squish levels have been greatly discouraged. Although the free 2H sword after the N.B. fight is brilliant, so there’s that.

Dug From The Earth

Have to kinda laugh at all those people paying gold to have them carried in m15 for gear.

Bryan Turner

Guess I better level up an alt quicker for the free gear.


I sure hope we all have fun with this. Been looking forward to more zombies for a long time.