Albion Online bans more than 600 accounts for buying currency

Light reading.

You are probably aware that buying Silver in Albion Online from a third-party site is not allowed, not least because there’s a legitimate first-party option if you really feel the need to purchase currency. But you may be thinking that it’s largely a victimless crime. The latest announcement on the official forums stating that 604 accounts have been banned for buying from third-party sources makes it clear that the crime may have more victims involved than just the people who get banned for the purchases.

The post explains that Silver being sold directly for currency usually comes from illicit purchases of Gold via stolen credit cards, which in turn means that the purchases are charged back when the theft is discovered – leaving Albion’s developers on the hook for chargeback fees. Between that material harm to the developers and the fact that it’s a good way to get your account banned, just don’t purchase Silver from third-party sites. It’s not a good plan.


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Dang, that’s got to be like half of Albion Online’s population these days!

Jeremy Barnes

Are you counting the bots?

Kickstarter Donor

Not at all, nowadays I think they have the highest population ever.
You can enter and you will see the overcrowed cities.