Destiny 2’s Beyond Light launch sees login issues and nearly record-breaking Steam numbers


It’s been a very big 24 hours for Destiny 2 fans as the Beyond Light expansion has released, bringing along all sorts of new content, some new player concurrency numbers, and some login problems as a result of said concurrency numbers.

First, some of the good news: The game is very nearly breaking some of its own player numbers records on Steam right now, sitting at the number four spot for top games based on player count with over 241K players at its last 24-hour peak — a number that’s very near to its all-time peak of 292K.

Of course, this holds hands with the bad news of a whole laundry list of related problems including various error codes and connection issues for players on all platforms of the game and problems with the Deluxe Edition on Steam, all of which required some extended background maintenance to clear.

As of this writing, the Steam Deluxe Edition problems appear to be resolved while Xbox players stuck in a queue are being advised to manually re-install any addons or DLC. Furthermore, an error with hand cannon sandbox changes has forced the Rose hand cannon to be disabled until further notice.


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Having played through almost all of the new D2 expansion it’s pretty “meh.”

The traditional style story campaign is very, very short. Even taking pauses to level grind (cause there’s just random jumps in difficulty) it was like 3-4 hours. Having power grinded on alts it took my alts around 2 hours. There’s additional content afterwords but in total it’s probably another 8-12ish hours of content to fully unlock Stasis and Europa’s play features.

The big new mechanics are “Empire Hunts” which are basically just repeat versions of the mission encounters Nightmare Hunt style from Shadowkeep. There are also “Master Lost Sectors” later on to let you farm for exotics and materials. There are some token other advancement as well.

Stasis has big winners and losers. The general consensus is Titan is the worst, Warlock is the big winner, and Hunter is okay. PvP is ruined as you’d imagine as everyone is constantly frozen which is a death sentence.

The more egregious issue is the absolutely pathetic amount of new loot there is available. Two armor sets and a random assortment of around two dozen weapons is all that’s new. This comes on the heels of people losing quadruple that in terms of items due to sunsetting items. There just isn’t enough to make up for what was lost all at once. Destinations like The Moon (Shadowkeep) now are 100% useless as the loot they drop is actually lower than the power level that’s required to do it even. For a “looter shooter” this is disastrous.

I know some people are hoping that the new Season (which starts in a week or two) will fill the gaps here but so far it’s super bad for what was supposed to be a “Destiny 3 level” expansion. Them saying it’s not quite up to Forsaken was entirely misleading as it’s not even up to the tiny expansion Shadowkeep was.

John Mynard

My 2¢:
As a “new” Destiny player(I never played D1), I quite enjoyed the revisit to the Cosmodrome. It’s a visually detailed and interesting zone with lots of cool vistas and the story ain’t half bad either.

As for the main campaign, I’m not finished with it yet, I hit a power level barrier and went and did other things to catch up. But I have been quite pleased with it so far.

I think where the complaints are coming from is that loud, overbearing crowd of D2 players that my brother and I classify as Sweats and Tryhards that burned through the campaign and hit the power soft cap in less than a day.

That’s the “problem” with Live Service games, it takes months or years to create content for your players and there’s a certain part of the player base that bulldoze their way through it on release and then sour the well for the rest of us because they are bored or disappointed that it wasn’t EXACTLY what they wanted. These people are never going to be happy and they will let you fecking know about it ad infinitem.

Would I love a Red War scale campaign? Sure, but I just replayed the Red War on an alt and it’s 17 missions that you can play through in about 20 minutes apiece. Roughly the same as the current campaign.

Dug From The Earth

its also getting pretty bad steam reviews… and not from the tech issues.

Apparently its another super short, reskinned addition to the game that doesnt offer up what many people wanted.. both in gameplay and in story.

But thats just 3rd hand info from the reviews.

I was clever enough not to waste money on Bungie again this time.

Vanquesse V

Same. I want d2 to be good, but decided to wait and see, and so far it seems like the right choice for me.
Meanwhile I’m having the time of my life in assasin’s creed and FUSER so I’m sure I’ll get over it