Early access game Mini Healer: ‘Like healing in an MMO but actually fun’


Love your healers. Respect your healers. Appreciate them. Empathize with their plight in correcting your overzealous chase for DPS or your forgetfulness for turning on defensive cooldowns. Doing that might be easier if you decide to check out Mini Healer, a new single-player RPG on Steam Early Access that seeks to replicate what it’s like healing during group content in MMORPGs.

While Mini Healer is still an early access title, it touts plenty for players to do with 35 unique bosses to fight, over 300 artifacts to collect that can be modified and upgraded through crafting, over 23 customizable spells, three classes with skill trees and over 100 nodes, and procedurally generated endgame dungeons to plumb.

According to the game’s Steam page, there will be additional spells and artifacts, a fourth class, a simple story campaign, and further improvements to endgame dungeon procedural generation. The devs at Sad Doge expect early access to run about six to 12 months, though feedback may make that period longer.

As of this writing, Mini Healer is sitting on a “Very Positive” user review aggregate, with many players remarking its accuracy in capturing the feel of healing raid content and scratching deep-seated MMO grind itches. Or, as one review put it, “it’s like healing in an MMO but actually fun.” Which, again, circles back around to the whole loving your healers thing.

source: Steam, thanks to Hudret for the tip!
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