MechWarrior Online shares a list of gameplay mechanics due for adjustment in the new year


MechWarrior Online community manager Daeron Katz is back once again with a fresh post updating players on Piranha Games’ plans to update and address pain points for the multiplayer ‘Mech battler, and while the previously promised list doesn’t elaborate on each bullet point, it does at least give fans some hope on what things are being looked at going in to 2021.

Among the features due for some tuning are aspects of the new player experience such as a change to the starting tier, updating Trial ‘Mechs, updating the in-game tutorial, and establishing some new tutorial videos; changes to the skill tree and an associated reduction to grind; a new map that will be created with community input from start to finish; new ‘Mech variants; balance passes for armor on arm weapon-bearing ‘Mechs and ‘Mech weapons; monetization; and solutions for Solaris and Faction Play modes among other things.

Katz notes that the list is in no particular order, that it is not ultimately final, and that some features may not make it in to the developers’ action plan. That said, an action plan is being worked on. “This is when the real work begins,” writes Katz, “and I expect we’ll be taking the majority of the remaining six weeks prior to the holiday break to really hash everything out into a solid plan for MWO in the new year.”


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