Roblox is hosting a Lil Nas X concert series in-game this weekend


Korn. BLACKPINK. Travis Scott. Breaking Benjamin. BTS. Alice in Chains. And now, Lil Nas X, if ROBLOX has anything to say about it.

Yes, the kid-centric MMO platform Roblox is getting in on the concert scene established in games from AQ3D to Fortnite by hosting Lil Nas X in multiple music concerts on Saturday.

“Get ready because Lil Nas X is going virtual for our first concert experience built and performed exclusively on Roblox on November 13-14! Featuring the debut performance of his new single, this event will also see the Grammy-winning artist bring some of his favorite songs to life like never before. Tune in for the preshow this Friday at 4 PM PST to watch behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the Roblox concert, along with a special Q&A session. You’ll also get the chance to unlock an exclusive Lil Nas X emote by completing an in-game scavenger hunt! The preshow will then be followed up with three global concert performances starting Saturday at 1 PM PST.”

Players can also pick up in-game cosmetics, including a freebie: Lil Nas X’s signature cowboy hat.

Source: Official site. Thanks, GnPTurtle!

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Danny Smith

So this is that completely out of touch feeling boomers have all the time. Huh.


Weird choice considering after Old Town Road this guy kind of poofed off the radar, atleast with all the other artist collabs they were well known for several songs instead of just one. Oh well, I’m sure my nephew will tell me about it when it happens.

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So even after a bit of googlefu I still have no idea who this is.

Don’t think there are enough letter X in the name. For the proper mmo online vibe it should be XxXLilNasXxX or something

I guess it’s cool for the kids or whomever this is aimed at.


He got big off that Old Town Road song. In a sense kind of one hit wonder although others would argue he released other “bangers” nothing has ever come close to how big that song got.

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Imagine an unknown rapper who, while bored, creates a terrible genre-bending song sampling lots and lots of country music. And then he somehow manages to rope Billy Ray Cyrus (of the Achy Breaky Heart and father of Hannah Montana Miley) into it. And then the song basically dies on the vine in obscurity because it’s terrible. And then somebody discovers it on TikTok a couple of years later and starts making videos because it’s silly. And then somehow from there it bursts into mainstream pop-culture and shoots to the top of the… Country Music Billboard Charts where it causes an existential crisis of “WHAT EVEN IS COUNTRY MUSIC?” And then when all that finally dies down, he comes out as flamboyantly gay, creating an entirely different existential crisis amongst both the rap and country scenes. And then all that finally dies down, and now he’s in Roblox.

And I’m pretty sure I only know any of this because I have an 11 year old daughter.
Not to mention, I have no idea if American Country Music is even a blip over there in the UK.