Zombie MMO Dead Frontier 2 swells and grows after its early access launch


Ever since it morphed into an open world MMO earlier this year, Dead Frontier 2 had our attention as a developing title. But how has this zombie survival game fared during a year with a real-world plague raging?

It turns out that for a game about dead things, it’s been pretty lively. Dead Frontier 2 officially released on Steam Early access in September with the goal to at least present a “a nice, polished core game game loop” for players. It’s actually garnered respectable player reviews since then.

The developer has been taking all of the feedback from early access players and vowed to work hard to improve the title. Dead Frontier 2’s bigger additions since then include outpost attacks, a large outdoor PvP zone, challenges, and armor. It recently ran the Halloween Howling event that included some competitive werewolves.

Dead Frontier 2 describes itself as an “old school survival horror” game where players have to “make every shot count” and trade amongst themselves for precious resources. It also operates under what developer Creaky Corpse says is “ethical free to play,” so take that as you will.


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The design flaw that made me quit this game is how you lose your entire quest log in a daily reset. So unless you completed all the quests you accepted, you’d lose all and any progress by the time you logged in the next afternoon. Utter BS IMO, makes it super hard to progress unless you dedicate your life to the game, locking all your doors and turning off your phone to make sure any dying relatives or friends won’t interrupr you until you finish all the quests.

Logan Kellum

Man this looks like the same ole same ole. There are 3 people streaming with a total of about 30 viewers. DEAD frontier for sure


1 – You don’t know what you’re talking about.

2 – You don’t know what you’re talking about.


3 – You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dug From The Earth

Compelling and detailed reasons.

I for one walked away from this with a much better understanding of what the game is, and what the game isnt.