Black Desert Mobile announces the Grand Desert expansion and plans for a one-year anniversary


There are a whole lot of future plans for Black Desert Mobile waiting in the wings, chief of which being some new content in the form of the Grand Desert expansion, which adds the titular region and promises temples, treasures, quests, and rewards for players to chase in the area. The title will also be marking its first year of life by taking players on the Black Spirit Complete Guide that grants them special quests to level up quickly and unlock endgame content.

In addition, Black Desert Mobile will be introducing a new craftable Crystal of Dimensions item that provides an attack and defense boost, will soon allow Carriages to carry more goods as well as add a new SS rank for Merchantry, and will add a new quest line for returning players to help them get to new content more easily by helping them reach higher levels faster.

What’s not elaborated upon, however, are any release dates for these updates with the exception of the anniversary event on Tuesday, December 8th. For the time being, though, fans can get a teaser of the Grand Desert expansion in the video below. And since we’re looking back at the year that was for BDO Mobile, check out our own impression of the MMORPG as well as a recount of the game’s life to this point.

source: press release
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