Blade & Soul adds the Golden Harvest Festival and a new area with its next patch

Or! OR!

When the next patch arrives for Blade & Soul, you can take part in the Golden Harvest Festival and make yourself some good eats. Put together a secret family recipe or just a good old-fashioned harvest feast, then chow down and get rewards at the Wheel of Fate. That all sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it? Because it is. But there is also more coming along with the patch, so even if you’re not feeling all that festive for entirely understandable reasons, you can still explore the new region of the Primeweald.

The Primeweald is meant for players at level 60 and serves as an auto-hunting zone without PvP, divided into four quadrants for players to hunt. There are also new gem tiers and mythical enchantment upgrades for the highest tier of gear, so you’ll be able to get even stronger along the way. That might all seem a bit odd as something to go along with the Golden Harvest Festival, but if you’re tired of the event antics… well, there’s reason to be thankful for the separation.

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