Guild Wars 2 is currently being rocked by disturbing earthquakes


Suddenly, Guild Wars 2 is on very shaky ground, indeed. In-game, that is.

Players are reporting that they’re encountering strong rumbles and earthquakes inside the game since this week’s patch. So far, there’s no consensus on whether these quakes are happening at scheduled times or randomly, but they seem to be indicating an upcoming event or – more likely – a precursor to the Truce chapter launching in the game next week.

Players have noted that ArenaNet used this tactic to introduce Eye of the North back in the Guild Wars 1 era, while prominent GW2 players documented and recorded the quakes for Twitter. It’s certainly a great way to hint at large events to come and get the community talking!

Have you encountered the Guild Wars 2 quakes yet?

Source: Twitter, Reddit

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Ruben Williams

Why are people “speculating” what they mean? It’s completely obvious that it is related to Primordus. We know he is coming in this chapter, we have seen his minions in the trailer and know we will be fighting then in this episode. 9999% obvious.

Bruno Brito

That’s the earth being terraformed for the new Housing system :D


Watched the Woodenpotatoes video, sounds like the next couple episodes, possibly the rest of the season will be more like Season One with reused assets; can’t blame them really since ANet is pouring a ton of resources into Cantha.

Kickstarter Donor

If it’s anything but more dragons, I’ll be interested.

If it’s more dragons, : |

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Paragon Lost

Gotta agree that I’ve become burnt out on dragons. They’ve been rather one note on the this and I don’t think they get that it’s starting to totally bore some of us. If they aren’t careful they’ll drive us firmly into Justin’s camp on all things dragon. lol

Yoshi Senpai

Hopefully it is not like the first time where young me got all excited thinking something big was about to happen with the debut of the living world story and it ended up being a week of fixing signs on the side of the road.