Temtem adjusts radars for rare monsters after community feedback


If you’re a devout follower of the Pokemon-like MMO Temtem, you likely already know the deal with radars, but for those on the sidelines, here’s a quick-and-dirty rundown: Back in late October, the game added the new radar item that would allow players chasing rare Tems to improve their chances of getting the critter they want when chaining together encounters, an activity colloquially referred to as “shiny hunting.”

With the game’s most recent update, radar spawns will now be approximately twice as fast as they were previously, an adjustment which developer Crema notes was due to community feedback. “Our goal with rare Tems is that they should be, in fact, rare and since radars remove a bit of that rarity we wanted to include something that would require more dedication to get them but in the end, it was overturned,” the patch notes remark.

That said, loot pools for radars have been tweaked to make rare Tems’ radars a bit rarer while common Tems’ radars will now be a bit more common. The latest patch has also introduced yet another round of bug fixes which are all outlined here.


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Well that’s good. Sounds like it was pretty dang grindy before that.