WoW Classic explains its Sapphiron tuning, Blizzard raises sub price for Aussies


With Naxxramas’ release coming very soon here to World of Warcraft Classic, the devs are fine-tuning the boss encounters — including a slightly controversial one with Sapphiron and its frost aura. Blizzard posted a deep dive into this change which actually ends up being a fascinating insight into the difficulties of creating raid encounters and what the studio has to consider with each choice it makes concerning WoW Classic.

“We often must carefully consider a conflict between original intent and original behavior. There’s no one right answer in all cases, but for this case, the original behavior is the correct decision,” the studio said.

And whether you’re an Australian who plays WoW Classic or WoW retail, you’re going to be paying more for your subscription in the near future. Blizzard announced that it’s raising the price of a one-month sub by about 75 cents to $19.95 for Aussies due to “global and regional market restrictions.” The new pricing goes into effect on December 15th.

Finally, former World of Warcraft developer Ghostcrawler is making headlines again — but this time as a player. He’s been tweeting about his experiences of playing the game (and yes, he has to pay his own sub), which makes for interesting reading.


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Jack Pipsam

Hey Blizzard, you wanna’ fix the day-night cycle issue for the modern version for the Australian servers yet you fucking pricks? Can’t even make the in-game calendar sync to supposed local server time either. And also I love how the servers got more laggy since they now have a direct CRZ connection to other NA regions when in the past they used to be golden.
Honestly this is why Classic is just better, local servers actually running on local time with the connection staying local, none of this CRZ sync up with US time-zone crap.

Sure, the increase is very slight, cheaper than single Caramello Koala at a servo, but paying $2o AUD is ridiculous for a single-game subscription really, especially like WoW who also sells expensive expansions every bi-year.

For all the hate I could give Daybreak Games, pricing isn’t one of them. Right now, at this moment, Daybreak All Access remains at the fixed locked price of $16 AUD, it hasn’t changed, no matter what happened with the global currency, it remains $16 AUD and it was something I was happy to pay for with Planetside 2 back when Briggs server was still up.

My subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is also $16 AUD, for that I get 100s of games on my Xbox, around a 100 on PC as well as LIVE GOLD.

And yes, I’m fully aware that $20 AUD is basically worth $15 USD, but I don’t get how other services don’t jack up regional pricing, but Blizzard does, especially when WoW is significantly worth less in value, especially-especially as the local support for the modern version of the game is awful, the day-night cycle issue is a meme and one Blizzard is fully aware of, but refuses to touch.
Ultima Online has now changed my perception of what is and isn’t an excuse, that old game has an Australian server whose population would be less than a the single lowest WoW Australian server.

Activision/Blizzard meanwhile back in 2015 over a six-year period made $883 million in Australia only, but paid only just under $20 million in tax. source

And you cannot blame tax for this, this isn’t like paying for some MMOs where you’re charged an internal transaction tax, but when you pay for any Blizzard game you’re paying the Australian branch, so there is no international tax hit on each translation either.

Yes, it’s a very slight increase and sure now it’s more in align with the USD pricing, fine, whatever. That’s not the point lads.
Fix the bloody day-night cycle first before you increase the price you load of bloody drongos!


A must read deep dive and something appropriate for the archeologist column as well.