Champions Online is mopping up old game issues, starting with Eidolon


Good news for Champions Online fans: Cryptic is apparently poking around in the game’s innards with an eye toward fixing longstanding problems.

“We’re taking a look at some of the beloved content from Champions Online’s history that may have fallen into disrepair over the years,” the studio says. “After the update to Therakiel’s Temple, Eidolon was a big target, as we knew players loved it and couldn’t complete it in its current state. Therefore, we’ve gone through and made an update to the battle, with bug fixes and slight changes to the mechanics.”

The patch, expected on the game’s PTS “soon,” will fix Eidolon’s attacks, reduce the encounter timer to 20 minutes, stop some of Eidolon’s heals, make crystals more numerous and tricky to take down at their newly designated phases, and allow travel powers to be used while you’re fighting. “Fly around!” Cryptic suggests.

“Shadow Destroyer is beginning his end game, draining the power of the Qlipothic Realm to ascend, and become Destruction itself. You must journey into the heart of Nightmares and put a stop to him, Champions, before it’s too late. In the past, this battle may have seemed almost impossible, but the Qlipothic Realm has been merciful, and changed the rules of the engagement to make Eidolon vulnerable. Your time is now. Strike back for all of reality.”


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Richard de Leon III

Im glad at least some work is still being done on the older content. I really wish cryptic could throw champions a bone (well, more meaty than lately) and give it some STO money for an expansion level addition.


At least last years it has been moving forward. I find fun for some casual fun, especially for people wanting to play a superhero game with low reqs, a lot of customization variety and got little free time.

For what is worth STO too had slowed down in 2020 but they still going forward.


Blame PWE for the lack of interest and funding.

They own a superhero game and didn’t care to ride the superhero movie hype-train. Friggin’ idiots.