Craftopia introduces dual wielding, new bosses, snap-to-grid building features, and a multiplayer fix


It’s been a hot minute since we’ve had a look back at Craftopia, the early access crafting-minded survival sandbox from developer Pocket Pair, though that’s with some good reason as the devs said that update frequency was being scaled back to the far less insane cadence of “every single day.” Since then, the game has made several smaller updates, but the most recent update will be the focus here, as it’s brought a pretty broad variety of new things.

First off, the dual wielding skill has been added, letting players left-click, right-click, or left-and-right-click their way to sweet victory. Subsequent attacks will add to a growing buff that, when it hits the maximum number of stacks, applies a Rush Buff that lets players use a grounded or aerial Rush skill. Of course, this being a crafting survival game, players will want to keep eyes on their weapon durability.

Speaking of weapon durability, the update has also added a Repair Shop that can be crafted to restore worn items to their original maximum durability. There’s also three new bosses for players to fight, a toggle that lets players snap building pieces to a grid, several pieces of new furniture, the Unlimited Fake Blade skill, and several new item enchantments including fuel-efficient, gluttonous, and philosophical, which does make us wonder just what a philosophical sword would look like. Finally (and more directly concerned with our wheelhouse), the latest update has made an improvement to multiplayer, fixing an issue where Steam friends couldn’t play with one another.

These are just a few highlights of some otherwise extensive patch notes, so make sure to skim through for more. As for the game’s next stable version release, that’s set to arrive on November 25th.

source: Steam (1, 2)

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