Elite Dangerous shares new screens and details for Odyssey ahead of free availability on EGS next week


Information regarding the upcoming Odyssey expansion of Elite: Dangerous has been a bit thin ever since the developer livestream last month, but thanks to a column in the latest issue of PC Gamer UK magazine, we’ve gotten a number of new details as well as several new screenshots.

The shots themselves offer a look at first-person combat and weapons along with more building interiors and another look at a frontier town on a planet’s surface. The article also points out some informational tidbits, like different weapons having different draw and downsight aiming speeds, deployable shields costing energy, different weapon types being better against shields and armor, and confirmation of shared on-foot and aerial space, with the ability for one player in a ship to strafe ground targets to backup another on-foot player. And on the subject of multiplayer, Odyssey will also allow physical multi-crew features (in addition to the usual Holo-Me) where players in a shared wing can get a lift from one another if they’re given permission to board.

If all of this sounds enticing but you’re not willing to drop the dosh on the game, then you could always wait for next week, where it will be free on the Epic Games Store between November 19th and November 26th. Also bear in mind that getting the base game will also include the Horizons expansion for double the free stuff.

As for the Odyssey preview, there’s an Imgur album of the magazine itself as well as a video from YouTuber ObsidianAnt embedded below.

ED 2020 PCG

sources: Reddit, YouTube (thanks to Britarnya for the tip!), official forums

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