Final Fantasy XIV announces its next live letter for November 27

The climb.

The next patch forĀ Final Fantasy XIV is not so far away. That’s an important takeaway from the announcement that the game’s next live letter with producer and director Naoki Yoshida will occur on November 27th, covering more details about what’s arriving in the game with patch 5.4. While this is not the same as an actual date, letters like this reliably occur a little less than two weeks ahead of the patch, which would seem to indicate December 8th as the most likely date of relief… which also coincides with the “early December” window already announced.

Of course, the letter itself will no doubt include the trailer for the patch, a glance at some of the bosses and more of the gear coming along with the patch, and so forth. Keep your eyes peeled for more details between now and the letter itself because it’s not all that far away right now.


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