World of Warcraft gets more pre-expansion changes while fans speculate about the future of Classic

World of Warcraft gets more pre-expansion changes while fans speculate about the future of Classic

The latest addition to the pre-patch notes for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is pretty meaty. Enhancement Shaman gets some buffs across the board, tanking classes get the ability to Provoke earlier (and have another ability pushed later), and there are some general tuning changes. All of the changes are going live on November 17th, so this is just enough information to let you know what will be happening in a few days.

While Shadowlands is just around the corner, WoW Classic is just about reaching the end of the planned content rollout, which has prompted questions about what comes next. While it’s possible that the servers will simply all roll on to The Burning Crusade, there’s room to speculate about starting a fresh batch of servers for people to experience the same content progression a second time, or perhaps even adding new content… although the expansion does seem a bit more likely. We’ll find out next year, most likely.

Source: Wowhead (1, 2)

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There was supposed to be a decent chunk of content for vanilla that never got finished when they moved on to making TBC, seeing that finished and released could be neat.

Malcolm Swoboda

Turtle WoW private server.


I’m really torn. On one hand, i really did have a good time in TBC, and wouldn’t mind having my class actually be useful in other specs (paladin). However, there is a specific type of charm with the old world that i’m not ready to give up yet. There is perfection in the imperfection that is vanilla/classic, and i like it that way.

Rick Mills

I hope they keep Vanilla as it is, then add BC as a separate realm(s) with the ability to transfer your toon (once).

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Java Jawa

People got what they wanted with classic. It would make sense to have maybe a few servers were up at certain expansions, but the we are really going into the territory of timed servers like we’ve seen with other games.

I guess if the demand is there!

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They could skip TBC and I wouldn’t be sad, honestly. I still have dreams about grinding bloody HFP and ZM, the latter of which prompted my first major hiatus from the game.