Crowfall’s developers discuss Domains and Update 6.3


As Crowfall’s development team takes a moment to bask in the delivery of a big patch — and before it starts ramping up for Update 6.3 — ArtCraft’s J. Todd Coleman and Thomas Blair sat down to cover all of the major movement on this PvP MMO. The November Q&A also talked up Domains, the new layer of character customization that allows for even more player choice while tuning a build.

The exciting part is that it really feels as though Crowfall is looking more and more feature complete as it moves through the beta.

Massively OP recently interviewed ArtCraft about this past week’s Game Update 6.2: Revival. “What this milestone does is create a system that allows for a deeper level of exploration and discovery to ensure you find that build that you want to create,” the studio said.

Source: YouTube

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Buddy Barlow

I still think the game is about a year away from a early access release, the combat is still very janky.


I don’t understand why they do not focus on this. Combat is currently the worst system in the game yet still has the rubber banding Shadow Bane had in 2003. They need a new combat lead, as there is still a disconnect in amination, distance with hit connection. Just because the number work out on a spreadsheet. This opinion is coming from someone who invested over 500 during KS. Crowfall, seems to have a a lot of good ideas on paper, but do not have the skill to bring them to life. Fingers crossed.