Global Chat: Don’t look, but Fallout 76 is actually good now


Even the most jaded opponent of Fallout 76 has to admit that Bethesda has been making progress in bringing the online RPG up to spec. Cary over at Virtual Bastion said that this year’s improvements, most specifically the One Wasteland leveling revamp and subsequent fix, has made a convert.

“Long story short, wow…I had a blast!” Cory said. “And I’m not even being facetious. I really, truly enjoyed Fallout 76 for, quite possibly, the first time ever […] I will give credit where credit is due – the game has come a long way since launch, and especially since I start playing it last year.”

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GamingSF: The urge to explore in EverQuest II

“Recent excursions to old zones in EverQuest 2 have really stoked the desire to do some more detailed exploration of those areas, some of which I’ve travelled through countless times but have never adventured through.”

MMO Juggler: Trying out other classes in FFXIV

“Anyway, this class is ‘limited,’ meaning is has a bunch of restrictions with grouping and so forth. On the other hand, it offers a much different playstyle as the Blue Mage captures skills from monsters for their spell book.”

Tales of the Traveling Elf: Five years of LOTRO’s Minas Tirith

“Minas Tirith is one of the most iconic and awe-inspiring landmarks in all of Middle-earth, not just because of its pure scale but also because Tolkien’s storytelling in the Lord of the Rings gives it such a sense of history and grandeur. LOTRO’s version had a lot to live up to, and did it deliver? Of course it did.”


Kaylriene: The creep of borrowed power in FFXIV

“A big part of why I’ve burned out over the course of patch 5.35 on FFXIV is that the primary reward mechanic is either grinding in Bozja and interacting with a handful of systems that don’t exist outside of it, or running old FATES in the world on loop, an act which eventually gets exceptionally dull.”

Leo’s Life: Blizz being Blizz

“So the question is why now? What happened today that is making multi-boxing somehow a challenge for Blizz? Specifically, why in the world would they be turning away money from players?”

Contains Moderate Peril: The problem with the War of the Three Peaks

“A new addition to the game is the Mission system. I was hoping that these would be a variation of skirmishes with the focus on tactical gameplay. Sadly they lack that systems creativity and are little more than straightforward instances that require you to complete a basic set of criteria.”

Mailvatar: Just let us use our characters, please!

“Game devs use this weird design crutch again and again – and that’s what it really is, isn’t it? A crutch. Beating this particular boss would’ve been a cakewalk had I been able to use my regular weapons and frame abilities, so they just didn’t let me.”

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I like it fine. I got my moneys worth out of it. I still play and still enjoy it. To me, its good. I don’t care about politics or how shitty they are perceived. They made a lot of progress making it better, which cant be said of all games.

Dug From The Earth

Waiting for Steel dawn before I jump back in. I really want those changes to eating and drinking to be live first before I tackle the wasteland again.

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I felt like “most jaded opponent” was probably putting it a bit mildly. Like, this is the very polite, nice, friendly way of putting it. Boy, was I not wrong. :D

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Ummmm, no.

TJ French

The game has improved, but it has such a long way to go. Just look at the feedback on the upcoming test server changes. Or the released broken and still not fixed cash cosmetics and buildings. The rng heavy end game. The hacked broken weapons on pc. The unfulfilled commitments on Fallout 1st, their subscription.

I’m currently on a break from the game waiting for the next season. The game is void on new content for many players. This last season/scoreboard suffered the same issues as the first one they ran. Some points and prizes for doing the same content you’ve been doing for over a year.

The next season/scoreboard will be coming alongside some new content thankfully, but that looks bleak. The weapons and armor appear drop only, no trade, and no craft/reroll. This means, if you want the new endgame stuff, you get one roll, per day, of pure rng. Even if you get a godroll item, if it’s not your build, it’s trash. Can’t even sell to a vendor. Keep it in your extremely limited storage space or destroy it

They don’t listen to feedback very well. Longstanding prelaunch issues persist. The game just isn’t worth the headline. Hell, right now, we can teleport though any locked door in the game. We can glitch outside the map to get to any area. Since launch. It’s just…. broken. The best part is, many of the issues we have with actual handler have been fixed in mods by players that the developers won’t support. Let me repeat that. Players have fixed issues in the game and the developers haven’t figured out the same fixes or absorbed the mods in over 2 years. They just don’t seem to care.

The best thing fo76 has going for it currently is xbox teams buying their parent. They had no long game. They don’t even know what to do in the short game. If this game is still around in 10 years, let alone supported, I will be surprised. Heck, even 5.

I want to love it. I’ve tried. They don’t love us. They push asset flipped, over priced, broken cash shop cosmetics. They eliminate playstyles like stealth and low life that they themselves introduced as core.

They aren’t growing with purpose, they are growing like cancer. Without solid direction and with lots of unnecessary surgery/nerfing that shows they have no idea why people play their game

P.S. the 2 year anniversary for this game just passed this week. They reran old events that don’t benefit long time players at all. Nothing new for it. Barely any mention.


The best part is, many of the issues we have with actual handler have been fixed in mods by players that the developers won’t support. Let me repeat that. Players have fixed issues in the game and the developers haven’t figured out the same fixes or absorbed the mods in over 2 years. They just don’t seem to care.

Sounds just like Bethesda’s innumerable low-effort Skyrim ports to consoles that can’t be modded with Unofficial Community Patches and simple solutions presented to them on their own forums. People are supposed to give them money again for no f’s given in return.

9 years of tradition!

John Mclain

No, no it is not. Making a game “less terrible” does not make it “good” it’s just less awful.


Fallout 86’d is now available on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

In this context it might be worthwhile, but certainly not the $40+ they are asking for it otherwise.


Nah, slightly less bollocks is still bollocks.


“Fallout 76 is actually good now” – no, it is not, at least for some people like me. The performance is still awful, even on latest 8-core CPU with 2070 Super card, the fact that Bethesda is still requiring online connection for essentially a co-op FPS game (so they can sell some ugly cosmetic items through their in-game store) and not allowing user-hosted servers is still bad and the Nuclear Winter is still awful with amount of cheats that work there and no anti-cheat protection of any kind. And the game is still horribly anti-social without a text chat, something that existed in most co-op FPS games I have played.

And yes, yes, some people still enjoy pointlessly roaming around and collecting junk to craft equally pointless items (which most of other Fallout 76 players will never see in actual game unless you share screenshots of what you crafted or built on Reddit or unless you will manage to invite them in your instance of the game while you are online). That still doesn’t make the game “good” for everyone. It just means some people are more easily entertained and would, for example, play a game even if all characters would look like stick figures and only thing you could do in game is click on random toolbox with random loot popping out of it every few clicks ;-)

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Richard de Leon III

Nope, Fallout 76 is missing 2 key features and is lacking in one. Not enough voiced content yet, its getting there, but not equal to even fallout 4 let alone FNV. Then theres the missing offline play and mod support. As a bonus, the effin cash shop needs to go. They have an uphill battle to consider the game good.

The only thing they can do at this point is release Fallout 5 without all the online bullshit they are trying to put in so they can have unlimited profits.