Spellbreak addresses player uproar surrounding upgradeable cosmetics in the upcoming Chapter Pass


Spellbreak is a free-to-play game that also has to make money, and one of the most newly common ways for free titles to make cash is with the premium edition of a battle pass. With that in mind, the devs at Proletariat don’t want to force people’s hands into their wallets, as outlined in an address by Redditor guy_smiley, one of the devs that runs the in-game store.

The post comes in response to player reaction to the upcoming premium Chapter Pass that lets players who bought an elemental outfit upgrade it. In the post, smiley promises that players will be able to earn the premium pass with in-game gold at a proposed cost of 1,000 gold, as well as bundle the premium pass in with the $24.99 and $99.99 gold bundle purchases. The idea, according to the post, is to ensure that nobody feels like they’re locked out of experiencing all Spellbreak has to offer. “Many of you were/are upset about the prospect of needing a future (paid) Chapter Pass to upgrade these premium elemental outfits,” writes smiley. “We want to earn your trust by ensuring that everyone has access to the core Spellbreak experience.”

In other Spellbreak news, those who happen to have a PS5 will be able to play the current version now via backwards compatability. The game will be getting an upgrade to take full advantage of the new system’s hardware later, but for now, players can at least drop in to their favorite game mode today on the console.

sources: Reddit, Twitter

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