Albion Online tweaks Corrupted Dungeon mobs and balances item skills in its latest update


The most recent update to Albion Online is mostly about turning dials around, so it’s not exactly what one would call a barnburner of a patch. Still, things being adjusted is important to note, especially for those who are invested in certain pieces of gear or content.

The content adjustment in question is related to mob changes in Corrupted Dungeons; specifically, both Demonic Harbingers and Bewildered Heretic Brawlers have been hit with the nerf baton, tuning down damage and cooldown times for certain attacks. As for items, there have been some changes to Frost Staffs, Holy Staffs, cloth helmets, and Quarrier Boots, all once again falling on the nerfing scale with increases to ability cooldown times. AoE escalation has also been dialed down as well, with an overall reduction in the percentage of damage done to multiple targets up to eight.

Obviously, there are some hard numbers associated with these tweaks, so you’ll want to read over the changelog to get up to date on the math.

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