Cyberpunk 2077 confirms PS5 and Xbox Series X release and backwards compatibility, shares a rap music video

Cyberpunk means many things.

Seeing as single-player (and eventually multiplayer) RPG Cyberpunk 2077 has been delayed for a third time, the game will now arrive as the current crop of gaming consoles arrives, and when it does, it will be backwards compatible, according to a recent press release from CD Projekt Red. In addition to this new feature, those who buy the game for either the PS4 or the Xbox One will be able to upgrade their copy to a PS5 or Xbox Series X version for free. A date for this release is not confirmed, but it is indeed coming.

Seeing as we all have some time between now and Cyberpunk 2077’s launch, there’s space for some fluff and filler. So why not enjoy a rap video? The song, No Save Point, is created for the game by Run the Jewels, aka rap artists EL-P and Killer Mike, and is paired with some arresting visuals courtesy of director Mike Diva. You can watch it after the cut, but you might want to do so outside of work due to a bit of language.

source: press release

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So excited about playing this game! Preordered and waiting with anticipation!

Jeremy Barnes

Yea, I’ve been excited for it and somehow didn’t know it was an MMO!


Pretty cool video – really like the visual effects and editing. Can’t wait to play the actual game, just need to finally catch the new Ampere card being in stock so I can buy it to properly enjoy the game visuals.

Sarah Cushaway

The music sucks for this clip but I’m hopeful this game won’t be an absolute hot mess of suck. Maybe. My standards are pretty high though so :p I’ll probably hate it for the same reasons I hate the Witcher 3.


Which are?

Tee Parsley

Yeah, did not musically impress. Not one of my genres though.

Think I’ll like the game though. Been through the Cyberpunk since the early days.