Life Beyond adds improved base construction, ‘true MMORPG’ controls, and bug fixes in recent updates


Things in the developing survival sandbox Life Beyond are shifting once more, and while most of the updates have been generally on the smaller side to this point, the 0.10.00 patch has made a few larger adjustments that those playing or following the title may want to know about.

The first larger feature of the update attempts to make construction more responsive to player input by way of added feedback for construction snap points, a new edit mode for constructed rooms, improving rotation on large constructions with several snap points per side, and better client performance with promise for more improvements in that area in future updates. In addition, bases now have wider doors, taller ceilings, and can have stairs instead of elevators.

The other keystone feature is the addition of a control scheme that the notes say “[make] the whole experience feel like a true MMORPG.” Specifics on what these controls actually are were not elaborated on in the patch notes, but they are turned on as the new default and can be adjusted, along with camera settings associated with the new control scheme. There’s also a new tutorial for these new controls at the beginning of the game.

As for Life Beyond’s most recent patch, that one is back to a smaller size overall, specifically introducing a few bug fixes to missions and tech.

source: official site (1, 2)
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