Mabinogi introduces limited-time boosts and a dungeon guide system to help players progress


Mabinogi has been out for a while — since 2008 here in North America, to be precise — so it would be reasonable to think that newer arrivals would be at something of a disadvantage in terms of getting to higher tier content or navigating their way through what’s available. That’s what the game’s most recent update seeks to address, offering a few methods for players to push through 12 years’ worth of content.

From now until December 10th, players can take part in a Generation Boost Event to earn a variety of rewards that will help them boost their character, as well as a limited-time title with stats that can be upgraded, easier completion of G19-G24 along with better rewards for doing so, and the return of a Dungeon Drop Rate Increase event from now until December 17th. Furthermore, players will see more events, buffs, and rewards starting on December 3rd.

On the subject of dungeons, the latest update has also added a Dungeon Guide system that lets players see recommended dungeons based on their characters’ physical and magical attacks. This also adds a guaranteed reward system for those who enter dungeons multiple times, and a new specialized shop that lets players spend vouchers earned in dungeons on a variety of helpful items.

More details about these systems, along with patch notes for the update, can be found on the Mabinogi website.

source: press release

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Steven Williams

I’ve been having a pretty fun(ish) time playing this game with my group of friends on the merged servers.

Still, I hope we get a Mabinogi II. An actual Mabinogi II (not Vindictus, not the one that was changed to a MOBA mid-development then cancelled because it was “too realistic,” not the crappy mobile version that released in KR).

I severely doubt it’ll happen, though. :-(