MapleStory Fest shows off a new class for MapleStory M, new 5th Job skills and new areas for MapleStory


The digital version of MapleStory Fest has come and gone, and with it a number of reveals for both MapleStory and MapleStory M as one would expect out of the event.

For MapleStory M players, there’s the new Demon Avenger class that’s arriving to the game with an update on December 1st. Details were a bit thin as there was only a teaser trailer, but for those who like their melee classes paired with a bit of dark magic, it’s highly intriguing. In the meantime, players can enjoy a collab event with the anime Attack on Titan between now and November 25th.

Over on the MapleStory side, there was the reveal of a two-part content update known as Awake. The first part, Awake: Ascend to Mastery, will introduce new 5th Job skills for all classes, the arrival of Grand Athenaeum Episode 6: Sharenian Knights, and character level-up events including the return of Burning World. The second part, Awake: Flicker of Light, will introduce Reboot world improvements, the addition of Zero character creation, new areas, seasonal events, and exclusive Global MapleStory content. Part one will land on November 18th, while part two arrives on December 16th.

For those who missed out on the full broadcast, there’s a highlights video below to get you up to speed.

source: press release

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Bahamut X

Seen the MapleFest stream. For me it was too much like the announcement of Diablo Immortals with too much emphasis on MapleStory M and not enough on the main game.

Jaymes Buckman

Demon hunters! We’re everywhere!