Minescape is a custom-built recreation of RuneScape in Minecraft


What happens when you combine Minecraft with RuneScape? You get a boxy version of the classic MMORPG, or more specifically, you get Minescape, a passion project of Günther “scipio3000” Jungbluth since 2012 that’s currently on its third season of updates.

Minescape boasts 24 skills, bosses to fight, dungeons to plumb, and plenty of items to find or craft, all on a lovingly recreated map of the world of Gielinor with a couple of custom additions.

The server first opened in 2013 and ran until 2015, where there was a year-long break. After that, it returned in 2016, and then was revamped in 2019, bringing us to the current version of the server. Since then, there have been a number of seasonal updates and patches, with the most recent bringing the Halloween season as well as a subscription service (which hopefully won’t run afoul of Jagex’s lawyers).

More details can be found on the game’s website including an FAQ, while a trailer showcasing the server is below.


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This is pretty great. I wonder if you can still build/mine though. Seems like they’re really removing a big feature if they restrict that.

Brandon Dixson

Actually, yes! Each player can buy their own player-owned island with the Construction skill. They just need to talk to the nearest Real Estate agent with a decent sum of GP (100k). You can build on your island with different building blocks which you buy from various stores for GP, or craft at a block bench. Different blocks have different level requirements, and different amounts of XP rewarded on placement.