V4 introduces the Archer class and a limited-time boost event in its November 18 update


Sure, the mobile/PC MMORPG V4 has classes like a Gunslinger and a Boomblade, but perhaps you’re the sort who prefers some more traditional ranged attack options. Then you’ll love the Archer, which is coming to the game this Wednesday, November 18th. Of course, that’s not to infer that the Archer is a bog-standard bow and arrow user; this one’s got quick hands:

“With short skill activation times, Archer can dole out swift attacks, making her the fastest class in all of Syllunas! Using her bow and quiver, the Archer has six skills that can be activated in lightning-fast succession, allowing her to disrupt the battlefield with a variety of attacks that can turn the tide of any battle.”

In celebration of the Archer’s arrival, V4 will be having a variety of events including login rewards, a Mega Prime Time event that will boost XP earnings by a whopping 500%, and level milestone rewards including a 300% XP potion, an epic level companion, and a Demon Stone item. Also, there’s a sizzly sizzle trailer for the new Archer after the cut.

Source: Press release

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