Atlas Rogues, Gamigo’s Atlas Reactor spinoff, begins $14.99 early access tomorrow

Gamigo’s deserving of some kudos this year, as after sunsetting Atlas Reactor in the wake of its Trion Worlds buyout, it’s now bringing it back as a spinoff called Atlas Rogues. And while it’s not exactly the same game, it might satisfy a wider range of players, as Rogues is more of a “rogue-lite” co-op PvE dungeon-crawler, rolling into early access tomorrow for 15 buckaroos.

“Gamigo’s continuation of the Atlas saga, Atlas Rogues, will launch in Early Access on Steam and Glyph on November 18! Players will be able to prove their tactical skills in thrilling, turn-based single-player or co-op matches and participate in challenging missions. To celebrate the launch, Atlas Rogues will be on sale until December 1 for $14.99, after which it can be purchased for the regular price of $19.99.”

Gamigo says players will be “recruit[ing] their team from an ever-growing roster of fierce characters” as “single-player and co-op multiplayer action meets turn-based PvE in this gripping adventure” – so yep, it will keep its turn-based style, with “endless unlocks” and escalating difficulty.”


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John Buczek

Their page shows a Steam logo at the bottom. Is this going to be available on Steam? If so will it still require the Glyph launcher?

Wollomby Rowsdower

OMG YES! I have really missed Atlas Reactor. I hope Atlas Rogues has the same “feel” to the gameplay.


Cool, looks like this may be worth checking out.