Path of Exile improves its stash tab functionality and fixes bugs

Path of Exile improves its stash tab functionality and fixes bugs

If you like sentences which start with the words “fixed an issue,” reading the patch notes for the latest Path of Exile update will be one of your most exciting events of the week. There are tons of bug fixes in here, ranging from Heist-specific bugs to just general improvements to various areas of the game. And there’s nothing to complain about there, since fixes are a good thing, full stop.

The update also improves the ability to make folders and work with stash tab affinities, starting with moving the button to create a new folder to the upper right-hand corner of the window. Players will now have the additional button hidden if there’s no room for additional tabs, and there are more than a few fixes to bugs related to a player’s stash. You can check out the full set of patch notes now, with the patch planned for deployment at some point this week.

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Chris Hammerberg

What they need to do is redesign guild functionality. everybody that belongs to a guild realizes that there are certain monetary stash tabs that would be very beneficial in a guild setting. That would be really great.