RuneScape rolls out Construction Contracts with its latest update


The time has arrived forĀ RuneScape players to stop holing up in their houses as a means of leveling up Construction. The new Construction Contract system previewed last week is now being rolled out completely, alongside the expected swath of bug fixes and minor improvements one would expect for a patch. If you caught up on the preview, you probably already know that players will be dispatched to iconic buildings to build items and impress clients, but what’s even more important are the rewards players can unlock.

The most obvious improvement is the new Plank Box, allowing players to carry up to 100 planks of each type at all times without taking up extra storage space. Players can also earn an elite outfit as well as eight new achievements, giving you reason to take part in the contract system even if you’re already maxed out on your Construction skill. Check out the full set of notes for more details as well as the rundown on bug fixes.


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