SMITE brings the trickster tanuki Danzaburou to its playable roster in December


Almost anything can be improved with a raccoon dog, never mind one that has a penchant for trickery. Say hello to Danzaburou, a mythological trickster tanuki of Japanese legend that will be arriving to SMITE this December.

Danzaburou will play rather uniquely, according to the press release announcing his arrival, using gold to gain a variety of benefits or bags of gold as unconventional weapons, the ability to shapeshift, and the application of an irresistible sake that that makes him “truly taunting.”

More details about this new arrival are set to be revealed during a livestream this coming Wednesday, November 18th, on SMITE’s Twitch channel. In the meantime, you can watch an animated trailer of Danzaburou pulling a little caper on some kappa in the embed below.

source: press release

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Bruno Brito

“unconventional weapons”

A rocket and a shotgun.

That’s a US and wAsh if i’ve ever seen one.