Albion Online seeks to improve faction warfare and Hellgates in its next major update


With the Brimstone and Mist update effectively in the rearview mirror of Albion Online, the question of what happens next for the game has to be answered. That answer is a focus on Hellgates and faction warfare according to the latest developer post.

Faction warfare will be seeing a number of changes including the ability for factions to conquer entire zones, the addition of faction ranks, weekly and monthly faction campaigns, and faction point rewards for killing enemy defenders as well as for taking Outposts and zones. In addition, blue and yellow zones will feature non-lethal faction warfare, while red zones will contain the highest-value faction warfare areas and a unique red zone battle event. The hope is to draw low and mid-level plaeyrs into Albion Online’s large scale battles while also giving high-level players something to do, whether they’re in a guild or if their guild is currently not in a fight.

As for Hellgates, those will be getting maps similar to dungeon maps that guide players to a Hellgate in the open world, along with a ranking and infamy system to boost rewards, new 10 vs. 10 Hellgates, adjustments to Hellgate matchmaking, a rework of their visuals, and new PvE challenges and rewards.

These features will headline Albion Online’s next major update and are outlined both in written form and via the Robin Henkys Comfy Chair Show embedded below.


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Damon Anderson

I have been really impressed with how Albion has developed and added features and content like this. Very much enjoyed playing it, and faction flagging was something I did regularly, not for PvP but for the faction points I would earn doing solo dungeons. Even if I was ganked when doing dungeon runs I would still have faction points to make faction capes which pretty much always meant I would make a profit regardless of gear and loot loss. Sounds like some cool updates, I would love to play Albion again in the future.