Black Desert brings basilisk fights and shared character equipment on PC, Guardian Awakening on console


This week in Black Desert sees some more events and a unique new feature for PC and the Awakening of the Guardian as well as Succession for several classes. It’s yet another bundle of BDO, so let’s hop in.

On PC, this week’s update has introduced the Marni’s Suspicious Device item that effectively lets players share four pieces of armor, three weapons, six accessories, one tool, and one spirit stone equipped by a main character with another character via the Tag Character feature. This function is unlocked through a specific quest available to characters that are level 56, and requires the use of Marni’s Unstable Fuel sold by Old Moon Managers in major cities.

As for events, the major event involves facing Gorgo’s Nightmare, a battle involving basilisks and the destruction of nearby statues that empower them unless they’re destroyed swiftly. There’s also some login goodies for season server characters to boost their XP earnings, and the addition of Arcana Cards to the Black Spirit’s Adventure in-game board game.

As for the console version, the most recent update has added the Awakening for the Guardian class, Succession for the Guardian, Tamer, Mystic, and Valkyrie classes, and skill enhancement for several of the Guardian’s abilities. Overall, if you’re rolling a smashy barbarian woman, you’re seeing a whole lot of new things.

sources: Black Desert PC site (1, 2, 3), Black Desert console site

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Can I trade items freely to other characters yet?

Lily Cheng

Only if you want the game to be overrun with gold farmers and lack the necessary knowledge on why free trade is not implemented.

Kickstarter Donor

Oh shit, I didn’t even know the guardian update was out on console. Time to load that sucker back up over the holidays and start crushing skulls.