Blade and Soul celebrates the Thanksgiving season with the Golden Harvest Festival


Today is the day to give thanks in Blade and Soul with the start of the Golden Harvest Festival. As of today, players can take part in new events, check out the new Primeweald auto-hunting zone, collect new gems, and enter the Tower of Infinity: Season of Ascension.

On the events side of things, the eponymous festival sees players earning Harvest Tickets for taking on daily quests or simply logging in. These Tickets can be used to craft various thematic items depending on the Crafting Guild they’re part of, then gift wrapped and traded to other players. Turning in a full set of these items rewards a special Harvest Feast item, while Harvest Tickets and Fashion Emblems can be cashed in for additional goodies.

As for other events, there’s a Hongmoon Boot Camp event where players purchase Battle Kits from the Dragon Express for 10 gold a pop for a variety of rewards and at least one Battle Ration currency, which can be cashed in for a number of items like weapons and Soul Shields. These items cost between three and 150 Battle Rations depending on what is being sold, so if you happen to have a lot of gold to light up, there’s your gold sink.

Finally, there’s a Honing Season event that doubles the amount of Honing Oils earned from completing three and five daily challenges every week, and a Flame and Fortune event that provides additional rewards for completing certain quests. All of the specifics can be found on the Blade and Soul website.

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