Curseforge will be stopping new World of Warcraft add-on updates right as Shadowlands launches

One voice or several dozen.

Sometimes, two events coincide in a way that is particularly unpleasant for more or less everyone. The changeover from Curseforge to Overwolf for World of Warcraft add-ons is such a scenario. You see, as part of the transition, the existing framework for updating add-ons with new versions will be disabled starting on November 24th, so no new versions can be uploaded by the creators. Those with non-mayfly memories will remember that this is also exactly when the expansion is launching.

The bright side is that there are other sites hosting mods for manual updates if needed, so players will not be left completely out in the cold if some changes need to be made and a new version needs to be installed. The pre-patch has also likely given most authors enough time to make sure that mods work with the game. Still, it’s poor timing likely brought on by the delay in Shadowlands’ launch date, and it serves as a black eye for the new management the popular add-on site will find itself operating under.

Source: Medium; thanks to Vanquesse for the tip!
Fortunately, it looks as if Overwolf has now revised its schedule so it won’t conflict with the Shadowlands launch.

“Moderation for WoW addon updates and other game mod updates will continue until we start the read-only mode on 11/30. Overall moderation will resume back to normal by 12/3. The Twitch Desktop and CurseForge apps will still work throughout this time, and they will continue to receive addon updates from any addons uploaded before read-only starts. Starting on 11/30, the mods tab will no longer be available in the Twitch Desktop App.”


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Frankly, I’m not sure why anyone uses that bloatware any more. Curse used to be a fine place to cover your mods. Now with overwolf you have to launch (lol) 2 applications (that will happily auto run and stay resident if you don’t change them).


There are better, lightweight mod managers out there.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Word is out that the hand over has been delayed until Nov. 30 to avoid stranding anybody on launch day with outdated addons.

Jeremy Barnes

Even with the delay, that’s just some awful management.

Dug From The Earth

No addons during launch weeks isnt so bad considering usually there is so much lag and net traffic to those sites during this time, their sites go down anyway. Most addons will be up to date before launch, just make sure to update over the weekend and it should be fine to select the “use outdated addons” options for the first week.

As far as Overwolf….

I switched to using WoWUp. Its basically the twitch client without all the bloatware that twitch added to it. Its still the simple “Update all” one button click to handle all your addons. It still has the easy search to find and install new addons.

Even better, its ONE file. That can be put anywhere on your computer. Dont want it anymore? Just delete it.

Free. No Ads. Hopefully Overwolf wont kill it by blocking 3rd party API requests.

Kickstarter Donor
Java Jawa

I’ve been hearing some major privacy concerns and ad use for overwolf.

My personal experience with it was a few years ago and I wasn’t fond of the software. Lots of popups and clutter.

I’ve been using wowup right now as an alternative and it seems solid. It’s plain jane, but gets the job done with ease and as a bonus it works with elvui.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Overwolf copies your settings from the Twitch client, where all the Curse stuff ended up, so at least that bit of the transition is quick. And now I don’t have to have the Twitch client launch on boot because I only ever used it for addon management. Still, very awkward timing.

Dug From The Earth

Ive got no love for the twitch client, but you do realize you dont have to have it launch on boot to use it, right? You can load it on demand, and then close it when you are done updating your addons. It doesnt have to stay running to play WoW either.

You will find that Overwolf is a bit more obtrusive than Twitch ever was… having both the addon application AND the core Overwolf engine running. Closing the addon app will not shut down the overwolf service running in the background.

Wilhelm Arcturus

That I said I won’t have it launch at boot seems to indicate that I am aware. I just have it do so as it reminds me to check my addons. Then I exit it.