Fortnite adds in-game Houseparty support for video chat while you play

Friends? Kind of?

So the world is covered in a suffocating miasma of death and you probably aren’t hanging out with most of your friends in person. (If you are, well… that’s kind of why the world is covered in a suffocating miasma of death.) This has been good news for video chat apps like Houseparty, and the team behind Fortnite have used that specific app to let you hang out with your friends in-game and via video chat with built-in integration on PC and PlayStation systems.

Players will need to link their Houseparty accounts with their Fortnite accounts before being able to start both at the same time, with the video chat being displayed on the left side of the screen. The result will be that you can see and chat with your friends even as you’re busy shooting at other people (or each other, depending on how you play). It’s a nice chance to leverage the social power of games to connect with others, especially with the whole aforementioned “suffocating miasma of death” thing.

Source: Polygon, Twitter

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