Roblox’s Lil Nas X concert racks up a total of 33 million views


So it would seem that the in-game concert event held by Roblox this past weekend was something of a success. According to statements shared by the game, the Lil Nas X in-game concert drew in a total of 33 million viewers over the course of its Saturday run, along with a special encore performance on Sunday.

The number is for total views and not total unique views, but even with that little asterisk, the in-game show has pulled some near-Fortnite levels of interest. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, after all — Roblox is spectacularly popular, with 115 million unique users recorded earlier this year and $2 billion in revenue on mobile alone.

As one would suspect, Roblox concerts are going to be a thing now. The game’s head of music Jon Vlassopulos has grand aspirations for virtual events, with “high fidelity” concerts featuring virtual artists, stage, and attendees. It’s safe to say, then, that the Lil Nas X show has proven rather handily that such aspirations are attainable.

source: The Verge via VG247

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