Whatever happened to Requiem: Memento Mori?


Requiem: Memento Mori isn’t a name that’s often on the lips of MMO gamers. In fact, we wouldn’t blame you if you were staring at this post with a blank look and a complete lack of recollection. In short, Requiem is a bloody splatterfest that came out in 2008 and has gone through a few name transitions since then (including the older Requiem: Bloodymare to the current Requiem: Rise of the Reaver).

While the gore-soaked supernatural atmosphere certainly set Requiem apart, the title never achieved any wide degree of success — yet against all odds, it’s still around and operating. Its Steam numbers are indeed very low, although they don’t represent the full population of the game (as you can register through the official site).

However, Requiem is still operating holidays to keep its small but dedicated community happy. This year has seen a move to new system servers, the return of Murderous Leprechauns in March, a melon bash (think: radioactive mutants) in the summer, and a Halloween event last month.

Also, Requiem brought back pogs. OK, it was an April Fools post we missed, but it’s actually pretty funny to read even now. “It’s that time again to relive the ’90s. The Pogs are back and with them the nostalgia. You can collect and use Booster Packs from monsters across Ethergia.”

It’s not all sunshine and guts, of course. Players are reporting a bad duping situation that’s threatening to destroy the game’s economy.

“[Requiem] is unique in the fact that during the night the whole thing becomes a nightmare landscape and the mobs turn to nightmarish monsters, and when they attack and get killed, the whole place fills with blood and viscera,” one Redditor testified.

Source: Reddit, Requiem

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Castagere Shaikura

I remember trying this game but it was so buggy I gave up.

Bruno Brito

I’ll tell you: It was an generic asian import with terrible grind after a while, and all it had going for it was the gore.

Now, that was enough to be a fun game, i loved Requiem, specially it’s Bloodmare times. But as the game progressed, leveling progression was gutted in the name of fast endgame reach, to where people realized the game was…well, bad. It was also extremely unbalanced and the cashshop was garbage.

So, you know, the usual.


S***post answer to the title: They weren’t able to get a Mori to show up on their Bloodweb yet.

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Yes I was waiting to hear about this :D I’m surprised 1) that it is still around and 2) there is a youtube channel that has content dedicated to it.

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Requiem was the very first MMO I ever played, back in 2008. I haven’t been able to revisit it recently as all of Gravity’s games have been inaccessible to european players since early 2018 (coinciding with changes to data protection law governing what companies can do with your info – make of that what you will.)

There’s very little story beyond Kill Everything, the monsters are hideous even before you splatter them into a dozen pieces, and it’s incredibly grindy, but I’ll always have affection for it. You never forget your first…


Requiem was one of the many MMOs I checked when I was trying out things other than WoW. I don’t remember why I did not stick with it very long, but I think it was around the time Tabula Rasa went belly-up, so I may have been a bit down on the online game scene for a little while and retreated back to familiar territory.