Aion NA adds the Timeless Terrace, opens a new dungeon, and introduces Glyphs in the Unshackled Fate update


The NA version of Aion has gotten itself some fresh content in the form of the Unshackled Fate update. The centerpiece of the update is the new Timeless Terrace, a level 80 area with a base, ten border areas, and three sanctuaries. Interestingly, monsters in the Timeless Terrace do not respawn normally when killed, only respawning when certain conditions are met.

In addition to the Timeless Terrace, the new update has added the Altar of Gales dungeon, introduced a new equipment type known as Glyphs that resist certain forms of crowd control, a Lumiel’s Transmutation feature that lets players transmute unwanted items for a chance at new rewards, and a new Item Collections UI that lets players register certain sets of items in exchange for bonus stats that are applied to each character on the same account and server. All of the details of what’s new, along with some other adjustments to class skills, instances, and items, are in the patch notes.

In other Aion news, there’s been some interesting stats shared on Reddit regarding the Korean classic server that released last week. According to analytics from Gamemeca, Aion Classic is the seventh most played game in Korea. Clearly, there’s an appetite for this sort of thing.


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