Elite Dangerous’ free Epic Games Store promo is plagued by access issues


Frontier had a big promotion for Elite Dangerous planned today: It was meant to be fully free on the Epic Games Store, including Horizons, which was recently merged into the base game. That’s a markdown from a retail rate of $29.99, clearly primed to attract people not just to the game but to the platform. Technically, it rolled out earlier today and should run until Thanksgiving here in the US, giving people plenty of time to hop in and grab it to play and keep permanently.

Unfortunately, as a quick trip to the forums shows, the version of the Elite on EGS seems to be giving players tons of problems. Some players are getting update phasing errors, others aren’t getting their codes, while still others are running into issues linking their accounts.

The good news is that at least Frontier is working on the problem. “We are aware of issues of Epic Games Store players being unable to access the game,” Frontier CM Stephen Benedetti told players in the now 18-page complaint thread. “Our team are investigating and hope to have a solution as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.” The bad news is… well, there’s no ETA. Hopefully they get it fixed before the freebie timer runs out, but at least players can yoink it for free now and wait.

Source: Official forums. Cheers, Stuart!
Apparently, the registration problems have now been fixed, but other people are still having verification problems, wheee. Frontier says it’s still working on the problem and thinks you should try unplugging the game and plugging it back in again.


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I tried and logged just fine both from EGS and steam, so I am guessing its affecting some of the users?

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It’s working fine now. Got my free alt account last night. Never seen so many Sidewinders in the starter area since the alpha launch.

This is the first time I’ve played with the new starter experience. I’m actually impressed. It’s so much better than what we originally started with, you lucky noobs!!

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the version of the Elite on EGS seems to be giving players tons of problems

This has nothing to do with the EGS version, this crap is going on for years with the Steam version as well. That login and register system from Frontier is pure shit.