EVE Online is getting some changes to torpedoes with its next update

Venting prevents ex-plo-si-on.

When you fire a torpedo in EVE Online you would like it to have a notable impact. You are firing at a ship with the intent of causing serious and preferably irreparable damage. So you will probably be happy to know that with the next major update on November 24th XL torpedoes will see a boost to missile velocity, explosion velocity, and damage. Other torpedo types will see higher velocity for both the missile itself and the explosion, but a smaller explosion radius.

This update will also cause changes to various ships; for example, the Phoenix will have its power grid and CPU budget increased to give it more overall utility, while the Moros will be brought more in line with other Dreadnoughts. Check out the full rundown of changes on the official site. They may not seem world-shattering, but when you’re this concerned about torpedoes, ship-shattering is good enough.


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Turing fail
Turing fail

Hmm… time to dust off my stealth bombers.

Vanquesse V

“but a smaller explosion radius” that’s actually a buff.

John Mclain

Eve logic. It only makes sense in eve.