New World’s latest alpha patch buffs threat and makes high-end combat more challenging

It's much more than just Reekwater and fishing


If you caught the big news yesterday, then you already know that Amazon is dropping a big new patch for alpha testers of New World, complete with a new level 58-60 zone and the fishing tradeskill.

MOP’s Justin toured the new content during the Amazon press event, finding Reekwater to be a properly nasty and dismal swamp zone and the fishing content to be surprisingly fun even for people who don’t generally love fishing in MMOs. “I’ve never found an MMO that’s made fishing a ‘must do’ activity for me, but I have to say that New World has a pretty good setup here,” he wrote. He also opined on the feel of the current build of the game, saying the overall MMO experience seemed solid and intuitive and relatively polished, with plenty of room for explorers, though combat may be tricky for players who prefer tab-targeting.

Amazon’s released patch notes for testers today; Reekwater itself sees a whole bunch of new mobs and bosses, and of course the fishing system has been further fleshed out with quests, but there’s more to the patch. Players can expect the second pass on the game’s new threat system (yes, healing and blocking will piss off the mobs), elite bosses now have special traits to kick your butt, level 50 combat should be much harder now, healing and critical hits got a balance pass, and there are several UI and quality-of-life tweaks on deck too.

Source: Patch notes

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Dankey Kang

Some really good changes going forward. Looks like it’s shaping up to be an actual game instead a series of half-baked ideas but there is one thing that still worries me a lot and that is the open world PvE content. There’s a lot of serious problems with it currently; namely, players running past the mobs in an area to get to the boss, or other players having to wait idly while mobs respawn to finish their kill quests. There needs to be instanced content because there is only so much they can do with open world stuff.

Fishing does look really good tho. I’m a massive fan of fishing in MMO’s so this excites me greatly.


They also added targeted healing which is a nice start. I hope it’s easy to use and effective but that’s hard to say without seeing it in action or playing it myself. I’m also a bit wary of the idea of a self cast modifier for the aimed heals. It’s a rather clunky way to heal especially in a pinch so hopefully they can refine that a bit.