AdventureQuest 3D previews the first pass of its new system for guilds


When you hang out with someone new inĀ AdventureQuest 3D, you’ve always had the option to be friends if you think the other person is cool. But what if you know a bunch of cool people and you all want to hang out in the same space? Well, that’s what the game’s new guild mechanics are meant to facilitate. Yes, guilds are arriving in the game at long last, and the first pass will soon be available for Guardian players to test out on the live servers.

In order to make a guild you will have to be a Guardian (that will change to be open for everyone, but Guardians get it first) at level 10 or higher with 10,000 gold. These initial guilds will max out at 20 players, with a dedicated guild chat and quick travel to your fellow guild members. More features are planned for the future, however, so if you’ve got your preferred squad of players in mind you’ll be able to guild it up very soon. And of course our own MJ has some recent streaming from the game.


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