EVE Online releases its monthly economic report for October

Money talks.

When you were young, did you imagine that grown-up work was all about looking at charts and hearing a man drone on about how the numbers from Region 1 were worse than the numbers from Region 2 but better than the numbers from Region 3? Does that now sound kind of like fun recreation to you? If so, you are probably the ideal audience for the latest set of economic data fromĀ EVE Online, covering all of the game’s economic activity during the month of October.

This is not to marginalize the data. There are tons of charts, detailed breakdowns of all the value created and destroyed, a clear chart of net imports or exports from given regions, and so forth. If you’re deep into the economic game in the lawless expanse of space, this is a treasure trove of information. And hey, at least this time you’re going to be analyzing economic numbers instead of comparing DPS profiles.

You can check out a quick analysis from Reddit if you’re interested in the upshot rather than the hard numbers, with all of the biggest mining operations currently being in high-security space and a collapse of the secondary market. Readers will also know that EVE Online’s own revenue has been soaring, largely thanks to the ongoing World War Bee, which also has an impact particularly in terms of keepstar destruction and mineral prices. The game has also recently kicked off its partner program.

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